4 Things Real Experts Don’t Do

Give up these bad habits if you want to build real expertise

Vishal Kataria


Scroll through your Facebook and Instagram timelines. Most of the sponsored posts will be a person promising to teach you how to build your dream life.

Your LinkedIn feed will be peppered with status updates that resemble personal hagiographies.

Many people want to be seen as experts today. With a positioning like that come perks like followers, fame, money, and status. People do all sorts of things that help them get seen as experts.

But there’s a deeper truth about genuine expertise that most people miss:

Expertise gets built by what you don’t do as much as what you do.

It has never been simpler to become an expert. The internet has brought down all barriers like the Berlin Wall. We no longer need deep pockets or connections higher-up to share information or insights.

On the flip side, we’ve landed in a situation where the internet is overflowing with so-called experts. Such people position themselves as experts but are far from the real deal

  1. They repeatedly show off their lifestyle, which is often a facade.
  2. They humblebrag about their achievements, connections, and experiences.
  3. They have minds shut tighter than a stuck jar lid.
  4. They constantly try to keep the spotlight on themselves.

Thus, they let a bad set of habits get in their way of building genuine expertise.

If you want to build real expertise — the kind that helps you discover your passion, become a lifelong learner, and build a fulfilling life, avoid following certain bad habits. You’ll find that building expertise is not as tough to build as cynics claim.

1. Giving All The Answers

During the early days of evolution, only leaders answered questions of the tribe. This norm got imprinted deeply in our minds.

To the level where we began to equate answers with expertise. The result is a culture where everyone rushes to give answers.



Vishal Kataria

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