How Long Will You Live This Lie?

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Study hard and get a good job. Then work hard, earn money, settle down, have kids and keep earning for them. Live your life through your children. You have all the time to smell the roses when you’re dead, right? Never question teachers and superiors. Fall in line and diligently work your boss the way your boss wants you to. You’re lucky to have a job after all. And get rid of work-related frustration by spending on expensive gadgets and clothes which you will barely, if ever, use. The best things on TV now are reality shows which promote anger, bitterness and grief. It’s a dog-eat-dog world; you must trample others to move forward. Sycophancy can (and will) take you places. It’s a sin to think different, and those who do, are misfits. The world is no place for them. They just wilt away and die in pain. So lay low and don’t raise a voice against oppression, or you will be crushed.

What a pile of horse shit! No one tells you the truth… the truth that you can live your life the way you want to. The truth that almost everything your have been taught is a lie.

Companies employ toppers not because toppers are smarter, but because they have toed in line with teachers. They never challenged the status quo and will continue following norms in the corporate too. Resistance eliminated.

We are made to believe that expensive gizmos, clothes and eat-outs offer respite from mundane, unfulfilling jobs. Do we have time to enjoy what we own? Or can we eat a meal in peace without being harassed by calls and e-mails? This spending is not a respite from crappy jobs; it’s how organizations ensure that we stay stuck in them. This way, companies can make us work the way they want. They create an insecurity in us about being unable to sustain our existing lifestyles if we don’t fit in. What happens? We work against our will. We end up like cars on a manufacturing line; each one is the same as the other.

Back in the days, 8–10 pm was always NEWS time for our parents, something that made them aware of daily happenings around them. Today, we’re hooked onto reality shows and soap operas, which keep us from knowing what politicians and crooks are really up to. We’re more interested in a contestant’s future than our own. And even if we knew, what would we do? Outrage on Twitter and Facebook and wake up the next morning to live the same life again.

Are you really passionate about something? Take a risk. If you won’t question the way things function, how will you make a difference? People won’t approve if you try something different, but the only approval you need is your own. If you choose the lesser trodden path, know that you’ll walk alone, but you’ll stand apart. You can’t keep doing what everyone does and expect different results. So make a conscious choice to control your own life, to call your own shots. Start doing something today so that you don’t have to put up with bullshit tomorrow. Live like your actions will be published on the front page of leading newspapers tomorrow. For all you know, someday they will.

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I write to teach myself and hit “Publish” when I think it might help you.

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