I was in a tough situation a few months ago. It lasted for weeks and drained me at the end of each day.

I hated feeling like that. Upon introspection, I found that I was letting a single event at work define me. True, it sucked. But my day was more — workout, riding, reading, hanging out with friends, playing music...

That’s when I realized that I was okay. In that moment, no matter what the situation at work was, I was safe in the moment. It allowed me to experience the present moment, and look from a distance at what had gone wrong at work. I couldn’t fix it, but learned many lessons, and built a stronger sense of self.

If we can root ourselves in the present moment, and recognize that a single event — good or bad — doesn’t define us, then happiness isn’t far off. As Einstein said, if you want to be happy, fixate on goals, not people.

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I write to teach myself and hit “Publish” when I think it might help you.

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